PAPUREX future planning reaches the next level


Since the year 2000, Rudolf Biebl has led PAPUREX as general manager. In this period, the number of employees has tripled, and the production hours have more than doubled. Numerous milestones, such as the implementation of the three-shift production, the official recognition as a training company and several product novelties, were achieved since the turn of the millennium. As reported more than two years ago in our article on the succession plans, preparations to set up the company for the future have been underway for some time now.

Ivo Biebl, Rudolf Biebl und Dan Biebl

Both sons of Rudolf Biebl are part of the company

Ivo Biebl is active at PAPUREX since 2019. After he finished his training as a mechatronic, he began to work in the maintenance department of the family company. In the meantime, he completed the master craftsman school in electronics and already took responsibility as the leader of development and rationalization.

Dan Biebl followed his brother one year later, so 2020, in the family company. After his completed studies in business administration, he mainly dedicated himself to the marketing work of PAPUREX. Nevertheless, he gained insights into the production processes via the daily work in the family company and a several-week-long internship in the production department.

From 2024, three Biebls in the general management

Since both sons got to know the company in detail during their daily work, the next step of succession is ahead: Ivo and Dan Biebl are appointed to the general management from the 1st of January in 2024. The required formalities are already done. However, for a transition period, that is planned until 2026, Rudolf Biebl is going to remain in the general management together with his sons.

After that, this tripartite leadership is going to transition into a dual one. Ivo Biebl is going to concentrate on the technical side of the company whereas Dan Biebl is going to focus on the commercial side.

Thus, we are confidently looking to the upcoming year 2024.

On this behalf, we say good bye for our one-week company rest and wish you and your loved ones a healthy and recreational Christmas period.