V:S:S® Special tubing for maximum flow rates

Made of polyurethane

V:S:S® special tubing Designed for cooling systems and water supply systems

The PAPUREX V:S:S® combines the flexibility typical of PU with an astonishingly large inside diameter and up to 28 mm outside diameter – and all at an operating pressure of up to 16 bar. This makes the V:S:S® tubing the largest diameter tubing in our range and it is specially designed for supply systems: Its large inner diameter guarantees maximum flow.
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Flexible and sustainable V:S:S® special polyurethane tubing

This PUR tubing, which is the only tubing of its size suitable for standard plug-in connections, can be used as a supply line for particularly large flow rates and is a true alternative to inflexible metal and plastic pipes which have to be laboriously connected piece by piece. V:S:S® special polyurethane tubing is available in coil lengths of up to 50 m and can be easily and quickly assembled with plug-in connectors. It can also be dismantled again if necessary – without sustaining damage. This not only protects the customer’s budget, but also the environment, as our V: S: S® tubing system is reusable, unlike welded metal and plastic pipes which end up in the trash.

Special tubing for fluid systems with a wide range of applications

To date, V:S:S® special polyurethane tubing has been the preferred choice for supplying compressed air and water in industrial plants, but its advantages can also be fully utilized in other environments such as agriculture. The polyether-polyurethane tubing has all of the typical advantages associated with this material composition and ensures ideal properties when used with liquid media. We supply the V:S:S® in lengths of up to 50 meters – longer lengths are available on request.

100% recyclable: The V:S:S® special tubing made of polyurethane is free of plasticizers. The raw material and the dyes used are free of heavy metals.

V:S:S® designed for liquid supply systems overview

Extra large inner diameter
Operating pressure up to 16 bar
Resistant to hydrolysis
Good resistance to microbes, UV light and many chemical contact agents
Resistant to abrasion
Free of plasticizers
Red, blue, green, silver-grey and other colors available on request
Raw material and dyes free of heavy metals
100% recyclable

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