The (new) Mission Statement of PAPUREX


Striving for quality has been part of the PAPUREX philosophy since the beginning of the company. It is not a coincidence that our slogan was “Every inch a quality product” for many years. With this maxim, we could position ourselves as a tubing manufacturer within the market. During this time, more than 6.000 articles arose. Within these are pneumatic tubes for special applications as well as tubing for usage with other media such as the supply system tubing V:S:S. At the end of the year 2023, the PAPUREX leading team came together to put these principles into a mission statement.

What exactly is a mission statement?

The Gabler Business lexicon defines it as the “Element of a company’s normative framework in which it sets out the purpose of its existence in the form of value propositions to its stakeholders”. Simply put, the mission statement explains the reason for the existence of a company to its customers, suppliers, and other partners.

Usually, a mission statement consists of a vision and mission. The vision describes where a company sees itself in the future. It means a goal imagination that is intentionally formulated ambitiously to ensure a motivative function. On the other hand, the mission describes which capabilities and services are necessary to fulfill the vision.

What does the new Mission Statement of PAPUREX look like?

Our vision: PAPUREX stands for quality and problem-solving expertise in polyurethane tubing applications worldwide.

Our mission: Our mission is to offer individual tubing solutions with outstanding properties for every customer requirement, regardless of its complexity.

This mission statement unifies our goals with what we stand for: Individual manufacturing by customer demand – in the highest quality. With this manifestation of the longstanding values of PAPUREX, we start into the trend-setting year 2024.