Tube spirals – flexible and versatile

Tube spirals made of polyurethane have been proven in our product spectrum for decades.

They are suitable for usage with plug-in connectors or for special screw connections with nipples and can get produced out of all base materials with radial or axial outflows. PAPUREX can produce customized spiral tubes with short delivery times.

Advantages of tube spirals

Our spiral product range contains tube spirals with externally calibrated tubes designed for usage with plug-in connectors. They are well suited for the supply of air pressure tools at assembly workstations and have the following advantages:

  • High resetting capacity
  • Very durable
  • Space-saving due to a small core diameter
  • High elasticity
  • Tear-resistant
  • Individual base materials

Tube spiral made of a dark blue polyether tube

Standard spirals

Tube spirals out of common polyurethanes are available at PAPUREX in stock. These already serve many use cases. For example, tube spirals out of polyester-based polyurethane are very pressure-resistant. Their capabilities have enough safety reserves over a wide temperature span.

On the other hand, spiral tubes made of polyether-based polyurethane are predestined for outdoor applications due to their resistance to hydrolysis and microbes. Another special characteristic of the polyether PUR spirals is the ability to be used during food processing. The tubes are FDA-compliant and food-safe.

Tube spiral made of a black tube with white marking

Tube spirals out of special tubing

Our special tubing is available in spiral form as well. For instance, flamex is designed for usage near welding machines. In contrast to standard plastic tubing, it is resistant to sparks and welding splatters. Hence, it elongates maintenance cycles and saves time and money.

Moreover, the antistatic tube A:S:S is available as a tube spiral too. Due to its special material composition, it is ideal for use cases in which static charge has to be avoided. For example, this is the case in areas with high explosion risk or during the manufacturing of sensitive electronics.

The tube spirals are delivered as desired – with or without mounted connectors. There are different connectors available for many application areas. Our experts are pleased to advise you so you can find the perfect spiral tube for your application as well!