Polyester-based PUR pneumatic tubing

The standard for various applications.

PUR Polyester-based tubing The all-rounder - maximum pressure resistance over a wide temperature range

Polyester-based PUR polyurethane pneumatic tubing has been a reliable all-rounder in all conventional pneumatic applications for years.

With maximum pressure resistance over a wide temperature range, the tubing is ideal for almost every area of application and provides enough
safety reserves to ensure safe operation even at higher temperatures or high mechanical loads.

Special material Our standard pneumatic tubing

We only use high-quality German polyurethane for our polyester-based PUR pneumatic tubing. In order to guarantee optimum pressure resistance over a wide temperature range, we prefer polyurethane with a hardness of 98 Shore A, but of course we also manufacture tubing in your desired hardness. More information on the topic of Shore-hardness. We are also happy to adapt dimensions and colors to your requirements; you can find our standard range in the overview below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any different requests, we will also fulfil these within the scope of the technical possibilities.

Flexible polyurethane tubing

High elongation at tear, abrasion-resistance and flexibility are only three of the many advantages of our polyester-based PUR polyurethane tubing. The solid pneumatic tubing is free from plasticizers and has the best mechanical properties. Due to our specially developed production process, the outer diameter and the wall thickness of our tubing are calibrated so that it can be used with the plug-in or screwed connection systems of all leading manufacturers without any problems.

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High elongation at tear, abrasion-resistance and flexibility


free of plasticizers and extremely resistant


Pressure resistance over a wide temperature range

Ideal for long-term use:
The material-specific advantages of polyurethane in PUR pneumatic tubing are most apparent in the optimized ejection speed and optimal temperature profile in the production process. Accordingly, the PUR is ideally suited for long-term use.
Available colors:
Natural (opaque), blue, black, red, safety yellow, yellow, green, grey, silver-grey, brown, violet, orange. All dyes are free of heavy metals, other variants are available on request.

PUR polyester-based overview

Highly flexible with best resilience properties
Free of plasticizers
Very flexible in cold temperatures (can be used as low as -35 °C)
High elongation at break
High abrasion-resistance
Suitable for vacuum applications
Ideally suited for use in energy/drag chains
100% recyclable

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