Sustainability and environmental protection

as true corporate values

Polyurethane tubing made with respect for the environment

The topic of sustainability has increasingly become a buzzword in recent years – there is a lot of talk, but often little action. We took action in this area long before greenwashing became a trend for marketing purposes.

PAPUREX environmental statement 2021

Environmental statement 2021

More details about how PAPUREX applies this topic can be found in our environmental statement.

Your polyurethane tubing

produced with 100% green electricity

Since 2003, PAPUREX has been obtaining its electricity from Germany’s largest green electricity provider and thus from 100% renewable energies. In addition, we cover a considerable part of our energy requirements from our own production: 32 photovoltaic modules on the roof of our administration building and 186 on the production building contribute further to meeting the energy requirements needed for production in an even more environmentally friendly way than before.

Sophisticated waste management

for active waste reduction

The most sustainable form of waste management is to avoid generating it in the first place. Our employees are sensitized in this regard, while our QM department continuously searches for opportunities for improvement. Of course, it is not possible to completely eliminate waste – however, PAPUREX pays close attention to the precise separation of the individual types of waste in order to ensure the best possible reuse.

already in focus for years

PAPUREX’’s corporate fleet has already been increasingly oriented towards e-mobility for several years. It currently includes several hybrids and one fully electric vehicle. The goal is to completely eliminate the use of combustion engines in our company vehicles by 2025.
Social commitment

and regional responsibility

Wherever possible, we work together with companies from the region. This avoids long trips and delivery routes and supports the region – staying true to the motto “Support your local dealer”. PAPUREX also supports the local sports club SV Mörlenbach and has been an official partner of the club’s youth development program for several years.
Our goal:

CO2-neutral production by 2025

We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of achieving CO2-neutral production by 2025. In addition, we will continue to make our contribution to greater sustainability by supporting meaningful projects.

To a sustainable future with PAPUREX

Choose PAPUREX for sustainable polyurethane tubing and a responsible future.
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