Polyurethane tubing manufacturer sets course for future


In 1981, Werner Büchner founded the PAPUREX W. Büchner GmbH. Consequently, the manufacturer of polyurethane tubing, which gets used for plenty of different purposes, already celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2021. More than 20 years ago, Werner Büchner handed over the leadership role to his son-in-law Rudolf Biebl. Since then, many milestones were reached. For example, the establishment of the brand flamex®, the original flame-retardant polyurethane tubing. Moreover, the staff grew to up to 50 employees (Read more about the PAPUREX history). Another good news for staff, business partners, and the region is: The story continues!

The future of technology round about polyurethane tubing

Ivo Biebl, Rudolf Biebl’s older son, joined the family company in 2019 already. After he finished his education in the field of mechatronics successfully, he contributes to the maintenance department since then. In September 2021, he started his industrial master course to acquire further skills and thus, enrich the technical side of PAPUREX. The company supplies customers in plenty of different branches with polyurethane tubing of the highest quality for decades and strives to stay innovative in this field.

Further recruitment in the commercial department

After his brother Ivo, recently the younger son Dan Biebl joined the family company located in the Odenwald. He completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration successfully and subsequently an extensive internship. Now he decided to employ for PAPUREX long-dated, at the company that his grandfather Werner Büchner founded more than 40 years ago.

The course for the future has been set.

Now that both Biebl brothers have decided for a career in the family enterprise, the managing director Rudolf Biebl (he only is 57) has several years of time to prepare his sons for the upcoming tasks and the responsibilities which come as a consequence. Thus, the course for a handover to the third generation has been set. PAPUREX is confident to be able to supply customers all around the world for the next 40 years as well!

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