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KKS-neo - the next generation

Special polyurethane tubing

KKS-neo Flame-resistant pneumatic tubing

Meets European railway standard EN 45545
As a leading manufacturer of flame-resistant polyurethane tubing, we have succeeded in further improving the KKS line and developing special halogen-free, flame-resistant polyurethane (PUR) tubing that meets the highest fire protection standards. KKS-neo is currently the only special polyurethane tubing that meets the European railway standard 45545.

Suitable for almost all industries Self-extinguishing polyurethane tubing

Due to its outstanding properties as self-extinguishing special tubing made of flame-resistant polyurethane, KKS-neo is explicitly approved for international use in rail vehicles, but is also ideal wherever a high level of fire protection is required. Accordingly, KKS-neo is ideal for use in almost all industries, such as in sensitive areas of public building technology, rail vehicle construction or aircraft technology.

Hightech »Made in Germany«

The wide range of resistance to liquid media, various chemicals as well as UV radiation and microbes allows KKS-neo to be used in diverse environments. The compatibility with plug-in connections from all leading manufacturers ensures fast and easy installation, which means that our special tubing contributes to process reliability. We ensure consistently high quality through an ISO 9001-certified quality management system and deliver top-quality products “Made in Germany” – from development to the finished tubing.
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recyclable special tubing


Flame-resistant special polyurethane


Innovative, flame-resistant pneumatic tubing

Up to 100% recyclable special polyurethane tubing

KKS-neo is guaranteed free of heavy metals. Common tubing sizes are available in blue in our standard range, but we are happy to produce other dimensions or colors for you after a personal consultation – just give us a call.
Particularly long service life:
The material balance of the flame-resistant special polyurethane (PUR) tubing ensures high abrasion and chafing resistance for a particularly long service life.

Available in sizes 4 mm to 16 mm OD.

Halogen-free, polyurethane tubing KKS-neo flame-resistant pneumatic tubing overview

Meets the high demands of the European rail standard EN 45545 and is therefore suitable for use in international rail vehicle construction.
Improved fire protection properties due to the optimized material composition
Long service life
Fits all standard plug-in connections made of metal or suitable screwed connections made of plastic
Resistant to hydrolysis (suitable for applications with or in water)
Resistant to microbes
Resistant to many chemicals, cleaning agents, solvents and other contact agents
Very tight bend radii possible
Very good UV-resistance
High abrasion and chafing resistance (suitable for drag-chains)
Suitable for vacuum applications
100% recyclable

Any further questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us for orders, inquiries or further information about KKS-neo special polyurethane tubing –
we are happy to advise you on a personal basis.