Spiral wrap tubing

What exactly is spiral wrap tubing?

There is no clear definition of a spiral wrap tube in the industry. Some manufacturers refer to spiral wrap tubes as tubing in spiral form. In our terminology, however, these are spiral tubes which, although they have a certain similarity to spiral wrap tubes, have a different purpose. This is mainly to be able to work on flexible working lengths without sacrificing space and ease of use. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about spiral wrap tubing.

In contrast to a spiral tube, spiral wrap tubing is cut into a spiral shape. This method creates a flexible housing that is suitable for various applications. The use of spiral wrap tubes is always interesting when something needs to be enclosed without great effort.

Spiral wrap tubing in light blue

What can spiral wrap tubing be used for?

Spiral wrap tubing has two main areas of application:

To protect against external influences

A tried and tested area of application for spiral wrap tubing is protection against external influences. For example, existing tube lines that are exposed to flying sparks are wrapped with flamex® spiral wrap tubes. In this way, the wrapped line benefits from the flame-retardant properties of flamex®. This practice is even more effective if the tube line already consists of a flame-retardant tube such as flamex®.

Spiral wrap tubing can be manufactured from almost all special tubing from PAPUREX. For example, antistatic sheaths made of A:S:S® spiral wrap tubing are also conceivable in order to improve the surface tension properties. If the application is less specialized, a less expensive version made of standard tubing is also conceivable. For example, to utilize the advantageous properties of the polyurethane material with cables made of a different material.

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For connecting tubing or cable bundles

Several tubes or cables laid along a similar route can quickly become an obstacle. They flap around or get tangled up. A spiral wrap tube can prevent this without much effort. It is simply wrapped around the cables, and they are fixed in one position. In contrast to multiple tubing, however, the cables can be separated again in a few simple steps, as helical wrap tubing can be easily removed again.

Spiral wrap tubing in blue wrapped around a bunch of other tubes

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