PAPUREX stays official youth partner of SV BSC Mörlenbach


The partnership between SV BSC Mörlenbach and (back then just SV Mörlenbach) reaches back more than 15 years to 2008. In the meantime, various forms of cooperation existed until PAPUREX became an official youth-partner a few years ago.

Since then, many successful projects got realized under the leadership of Uli Guschelbauer (left side in the picture). These projects helped to bring the youth work of SV BSC to today’s level. For instance, the education of youth coaches, a cooperation between the local elementary school and SV BSC, or the procurement of equipment like free kick dummies were enabled with the funding. 

Not least due to the great youth work PAPUREX further stays proud partner of the young talent promotion of SV BSC Mörlenbach. 

For the year 2023, Ivo Biebl (right side in the picture) handed over a cheque worth 2000 €. 

We wish SV BSC Mörlenbach the best of luck for the running season and look forward to seeing what the teams bring to the pitch in the upcoming matches! 

Ivo Biebl übergibt Uli Guschelbauer einen Scheck