Review of the year 2022


As usual, we want to report back from the company rest with a short review of 2022:

World political events influence economics

Unfortunately, the worldwide political situation did not calm down with the phasing out of the corona crisis. Without a break, the war against Ukraine led to the next crisis situation that did not pass PAPUREX without marks. First and foremost, the never-seen price increases for energy, especially gas, kept the whole industry worried. The fact that many raw materials still had extraordinarily long delivery times made the situation even worse. Partly, we were forced to do our material planning up to one year in advance. It is even more gratifying that no significant delivery failures or delays occurred.

New models for a better cooperation

Two models have been replaced at the same time: At first, the 40-hour work week had to go. The whole company has a 37.5-hour standard working time from the beginning of 2022. Moreover, we at PAPUREX said goodbye to the formal German salutation “Sie” and use the more familial “Du” since last April.

Progress in terms of sustainability

PAPUREX made significant progress in the area of sustainability in 2022: The new photovoltaic system did a great job over the course of the summer. Hence, the mostly electrified company fleet could be charged with homemade solar energy. The fleet was also further electrified by swapping out a hybrid model with a fully electric vehicle. Furthermore, the purchase of a filtration system enabled us to recycle used solvents in-house and give them back into the production cycle.

Development in the human resources department

In the human resources department, many things happened in 2022 as well: Firstly, the leadership team set ambitious goals in a seminar back in May. Since then, the team is focused on integrating these goals into our everyday work life. Besides that, several of our young colleagues took some important steps in their careers: Two of our trainees passed their written exams and will stay at PAPUREX after their graduation. Another team member passed an exam and is now allowed to call himself an industrial master. We are especially proud to announce that one of our first technical trainees took the step to become a shift leader in our production department.

2022 despite all circumstances a successful business year

Despite many things that happened in the past year, we are able to look back at a successful business year. After the “covid year” 2020 PAPUREX was able to report back in terms of revenue in an impressive manner already in 2021. In 2022, we managed to achieve a new record turnover again.

Despite the cooling down of the worldwide economy, we look at 2023 with confidence. PAPUREX will stay a reliable partner for all customers and a safe employer for all colleagues.