The second edition of the PAPUREX environmental declaration


What are the effects of our work on the environment? That is exactly the question we asked ourselves. Hence, in 2021, we composed the environmental declaration for the first time. Now we finished the second, updated edition and learned a lot about our own company while doing it.

What is the purpose of the environmental declaration?

Of course, it would be easy to emphasize your strengths and hide the weak points  in a document you write yourself. However, this is exactly what we wanted to avoid. The environmental declaration is, first of all, supposed to be a tool for exploring the potential in terms of environmental protection. For instance, we issued the goal to produce CO2 neutrally, quite a time ago. Which facets capturing of this has became only clear with the environmental declaration. Now we know precisely which tasks must address to achieve our goal.

What does the environmental declaration deal with?

Cover der PAPUREX Umwelterklärung

Sustainability, climate neutrality, carbon neutrality, and so forth. The buzzword list in the segment of environmental protection is long. The PAPUREX environmental declaration differentiates these terms and addresses one topic after the other to create a clear overview of our influences on the environment. That is not only the emission of greenhouse gases but also the consumption of water and waste disposal. Moreover, the document describes measures we took in each area to improve.

The Boundaries of our environmental declaration

During the execution of the project, it became clear fast that capturing all effects an almost 50-employee company has on the environment is not a simple task. Factors difficult to grasp as emissions of purchases upstream products, or varying commuting and transport distances and many more challenges come on top. Hence, the PAPUREX environmental declaration does not claim to be absolutely precise. Its purpose is more to scale the influences that our company has on the environment and make them comprehensive.

You can find the whole document as a download on our site for the environment.