More e-mobility at the tubing manufacturer from the Odenwald


PAPUREX is engaged in reducing greenhouse gases, and other possibilities to improve the environmental aspects of the manufacturing process for polyurethane tubing, for quite a long time already. The company’s activities are documented transparently in a yearly environmental declaration since 2020. One aspect of this is to make the commuting of the staff to the production facility, and back of course, as ecological as possibleunder the conditions of the Odenwald.

Not enough public transport in the Odenwald

The often-praised alternative to use public transport is not a real possibility for the local circumstances of the production facility in Klein-Breitenbach in the Odenwald. The bus and rail connection is rather poor and thus, those who have a long way to work, often have to rely on the well-tried car to get to their workplace. That a combustion engine is not the most environmental-friendly way to get from A to B in many cases, is not a secret anymore. Exactly because of that, the family company from the Odenwald counts more and more on e-mobility, as the company fleet gets rearranged.

Rearrangement of the company fleet with a focus on electric drives

The company vehicles get aligned to CO2-neutral drives more and more. For a few years already, PAPUREX counted on plugin hybrids, which show advantages compared with pure combustion vehicles, particularly over shorter distances with regards to emissions, because they offer the opportunity to drive solely electric. Due to the ambitious goal of the management to design the whole production process of polyurethane tubing completely CO2-neutral, long before any equivalent laws force them to do so, even this will not be enough. Accordingly, the share of solely electric vehicles gets increased over time. By now, there are two of them in the company fleet. At the beginning of 2022, another one will replace a combustion vehicle. Furthermore, there are four hybrid cars among the automobiles of the family company from the Odenwald at the moment. Additionally, the gasoline-fueled forklift got replaced by an electric equivalent last year.

Two-wheeled alternative for short commuters from the Odenwald

A large part of the PAPUREX staff is from the surrounding communities of the office in Klein-Breitenbach. The way to work by bike should not be a problem then, right? The topography of the Odenwald with its frequent hills is a hurdle that should not get underestimated. It decreases the comfort of the way to work drastically. The polyurethane tubing manufacturer has found a solution for this as well: For some time, PAPUREX provides the opportunity for their staff to use an e-bike to favorable conditions via the provider JobRad. Thus, additional emissions can get avoided.

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