PAPUREX improves extrusion process


“Extrusion” means industrial craftsmanship – and that requires a high degree of skill and experience. Some tasks are exhausting and require a lot of time too, such as cleaning the extrusion screws.

Extrusion screws press the heated and liquid granules through the tool, that gives every polyurethane tube its individual size and shape. So, the extrusion screw is an essential part of PAPUREX’ production lines and while it’s being cleaned, no tube can be produced and added value generated.

Further improved production process for our polurethane tubing

Since a few weeks, dirty screws have no longer to be cleaned within the extrusion line, but with a separate cleaning system, especially designed and assembled in-house by our maintenance team.

Therefore the production process is suspended for as so long as it takes to remove the dirty screw and install the replacement screw. The time required for cleaning, two and a half hour after all, is already being produced cheerfully, a considerable increase in efficiency.

And because for PAPUREX gaining time means gaining money, the clever minds have “gained”, too. Many thanks to our responsible development team, managing director Rudolf Biebl and the two rewarded colleagues Ivo Biebl and Uwe Günther.

Kluge Köpfe bringen Fortschritt