New state of the art Drying Chamber


To cope with the increasing requirements and wishes of our clients, PAPUREX is always extending its competences and its technical infrastructure. With this in mind several investments have been undertaken this year. Thus, the manufacturing of our products has improved even further.

After the extension of our material conveyance – by this the raw material is supplied to the production lines – one of our coiling machines has been replaced. These machines are used to coil tubing in rings or on hasps.

However, the technical highlight is a state of the art drying chamber. The latter brings the raw material into the appropriate state for optimal processing. The new material dryer is working much more carefully as the previous one, for the material as well as for the environment, as it needs 30% less energy as the previous dryer.

Thanks to the careful planning and engaged carrying out the project was realized in time. Compliments to our project team, especially our competent head of maintenance Uwe Günther.

Schritt für Schritt in Richtung Zukunft