PAPUREX recently became Authorized Economic Operator. But what does this certification even mean?

Advantages of an AEO certification

According to German customs, the goal of AEO is the “fuse of the continuous international supply chain from the manufacturer to the end customer”. The certification is supposed to make goods traffic in the entire European Union safer. It labels market participants as reliable and trustworthy. Thus, the advantages are not only on the certified company’s site. Instead, all possible business partners benefit as well. Furthermore, Authorizes Economic Operators receive the following facilitations from the customs:

  • Fewer document checks necessary at customs clearances
  • Fewer customs inspections are necessary
  • Facilitations in the customs and dispatching processes

What are the requirements for an AEO certification? 

To become an AEO, a company must pass a customs audit first. The following requirements have to get fulfilled in this audit:

  • Appropriate compliance with customs and tax regulations in the past
  • A system for the management of business and transport documents that enables appropriate customs inspections
  • Proven solvency
  • Appropriate security standards
  • Practical or professional qualifications

We at PAPUREX are proud to fulfill these requirements and to continue our business with customers around the world officially as an Authorized Economic Operator.