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Customer Satisfaction Survey


Quality starts with customer demands

As a quality-focused company, the satisfaction of our customers is crucial for PAPUREX. That is because, in the end, the customers define what “quality” is. Hence, we are committed to the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). One part of the CIP is to analyze customer satisfaction regularly.

Since last year, the questioning gets performed 100% online and does require less than 5 minutes of our customer’s valuable time. Moreover, the online process enables to interview nearly the entire client base. Accordingly, the generated feedback is of high quality.

Excellent Net Promoter Score

One of the most important performance indicators that a customer interview delivers, is the so-called Net Promoter Score (NPS). It indicates the likelihood of recommendation through the questioned customers. Therefore, it is assumed that those who gave a satisfaction rating from 1-6 on a scale up to 10 would advise against the product or service (Detractors). Those who rated their contentment between 7 and 8 are assumed to act neutral (Passives). Finally, the customers who gave a very good rating between 9 and 10 are assumed to recommend the product or service (Promoters). For the calculation of the NPS, the percentage of Detractors gets subtracted from the percentage of Promoters.

The minimum goal is to reach an outcome above zero. The PAPUREX customer survey showed an NPS of 61.54, which is considered outstanding. The score is almost as high as it was last year. Back in 2021, the result was 61.90. In these demanding times with a problematic raw material situation and the general consequences of the pandemic, we rate this development as positive as well.

Smiley Gesichter mit einer Wertung von 1-10 zur Erklärung des Net Promoter Score

Product quality and individuality as pillars of PAPUREX

As the recent customer satisfaction survey shows, the old slogan was every inch a quality product for a reasonEven though it got replaced recently, product quality is still the main factor for customer contentment. More than 80 % were very happy and another 16 % were happy with the PAPUREX product quality.

The second most important factor contributing to the positive outcome is the individual support by our staff. The colleagues received the rating “very good” in every single field of the assessment of their performance. In accordance with the new slogan Individual Tubing Solutions, individual problem-solving competence is a major part of the PAPUREX service.

Continuous improvement is the goal 

As mentioned at the beginning, the CIP is part of our strategy. Naturally, this includes not only patting ourselves on the shoulder for this positive outcome. The questioning of our customers revealed weak points as well. These are to be targeted in the upcoming year. Furthermore, strengthening our strengths is part of our self-image as well. We thank our customers for the good partnership and the enlightening feedback and are looking forward to future projects.