Polyurethane Tubing – way more than watering flowers


Polyurethane tubing is our daily business at PAPUREX. Even in the company name, you can find the abbreviation for the material that it is all about: the “PUR” in PAPUREX is for polyurethane. For more than four decades, our polyurethane tubing has been improved over and over again, and additional usages have been exploited. But where are the tubes used in the end? Anyhow, in more demanding conditions than grandmother’s tomato patch…

Tubes made of polyurethane – used in plenty of different industries

The classic garden tubing is one of the first applications many people think of when they hear that PAPUREX is a tubing manufacturer. Wrong thought. Polyurethane tubing is capable of way more than watering flowers. The products get used in very demanding surroundings. The first example is the automotive industry, followed by railway and flight traffic. Moreover, PAPUREX tubes have been proven in mechanical engineering for decades.

Active aerodynamics due to pneumatics

The automobile industry is in structural change at the moment. First of all, the run for alternative drives has to get mentioned (Read more about the topic of E-mobility at PAPUREX). A further field that has gained importance most importantly among sports cars is active aerodynamics. Parts like rear and front spoilers move depending on the driving situations, either to increase downforce or decrease drag. Thus, the vehicle is supported optimally at any time. Applications like this are often controlled pneumatically – with polyurethane tubing made by PAPUREX.

Polyurethane tubing secures increased sitting comfort

Most of us know this situation: On a long vacation drive by car, it is not unlikely that the lower back starts to hurt due to long sitting. Lumbar support can solve this problem by adjusting the car seat better to the natural shape of the human spine. In this process, a specific part of the car seat inflates at the touch of a button. Naturally, PAPUREX tubes are involved.

High demands for the Tubing made of polyurethane

PAPUREX polyurethane tubing has to meet high demands in its various application areas. For example, flying sparks are not a rarity during the manufacturing of metals. Thereby, many plastics get damaged and do not come into consideration for this purpose. In contrast, the PAPUREX special tubing for such applications, the flamex, is resistant to sparks and weld splatters because of its specific composition. Another example is the antistatic A:S:S, which prevents the arising of electric tension. Especially in application areas with an increased risk of explosion, this is of high interest. These are only two of the countless cases where polyurethane tubing from the Odenwald provides the perfect solution.

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