Polyurethane tubing for pneumatic usage: ISO/TS 11619: 2014 (E)


Since many years international institutions are trying to define a general standard for Polyurethane Tubing for pneumatic installations. We take the beginning of the new year to answer several customer inquiries concerning the latest state of this standard.

This standard (ISO/TS 11619: 2014 (E))  is still a draft and – on the basis of our 30 year experience – it will be for a long time, as the values of the various parameters (burst pressure, size etc.) cannot be accomplished with standard PU. What does that mean for you, our customers?

Pros and Cons of a possible norm

Still there is no binding standard, giving your procurement orientation which tubing to buy. But we appreciate that and you should do so, too, because this standard would just be a sham safety, not able to match the reality with its different demands. No binding standard means, that we have the duty and the freedom to define the proper specification for your specific demand.

In case you should not be certain about the appropriate specifications for your individual demand, PAPUREX W. Buechner GmbH is ready to consult you thoroughly. And of course, we are ready to produce high quality tubing according to your specific demand carefully