Multiple tubing made of polyurethane

Multiple tubing – what exactly is that?

The term multiple tubing is used when several tube lines are connected together. Multiple tubes can come in different dimensions. The simplest form is a duo tubing: as the name suggests, two tubes are combined to form a multiple tubing. The basic rule is: the more, the more difficult. Our experts at PAPUREX are able to connect up to seven tubes to form a multiple tube.

Advantage of multiple tubing

Above all, multiple tubing facilitates the assembly of several tube lines. If tubes have to be routed through narrow cable ducts or have to be laboriously fixed so that they remain in the desired position, assembly can take a lot of time. It is particularly time-consuming when several lines have to be installed on the same route. Multiple tubes can minimize this effort. Once installed, two, three or even more lines are ready for use at the same time.

Mehrfachschlauch in Dreiecksform mit einem weißen Schlauch oben und einem schwarzen und einem roten Schlauch unten.
Mehrfachschlauch mit einem blauen, einem schwarzen, einem grauen, einem roten und einem opaken Schlauch in einer Reihe

Special forms of multiple tubing

As already mentioned at the beginning, the production of multiple tubing, with up to seven individual lines combined, is very demanding. Nevertheless, special forms of multiple tubes are also conceivable.

Combination of different colors

The simplest variation on the subject of multiple tubing is the combination of tubes with different colors. This can offer advantages after installation, especially if a line needs to be identified without much effort. A color differentiation can save time and effort when connecting the lines or searching for a fault, for example.

Combination of different material mixtures

Various polyurethane material mixtures can be used to produce tubes with a wide range of key properties. More information on this topic can be found on our information page on pneumatic tubing. A simple example of when the combination of different materials into a multiple tube can be useful is when it is used with different media. If water is to be fed through one tube and air through the other, a combination of polyether and polyester polyurethane makes sense. This is because polyether polyurethane has better resistance to hydrolysis and microbes and is therefore better suited for use with water. Polyester polyurethane, on the other hand, can withstand a little more pressure and is therefore recommended for simple pneumatic applications. There are countless material combinations that can combine a wide range of properties such as flame resistance, antistatic properties or robustness in multiple tubing.

Multiple tubing made from different tube sizes

If different media are fed through a multiple tube in different quantities, it can also be advantageous to adapt the diameter of the individual tubes to the planned flow rate. PAPUREX is able to combine tubes of different sizes into a multiple tube.

Mehrfachschlauch mit sieben schwarzen Schläuchen in Reihe

Multiple tubing with special arrangements

As a rule, multiple tubes are manufactured “in series”. However, PAPUREX is able to produce a triangularly arranged tube for trio tubing. Depending on the intended use, this can be a decisive advantage during installation.

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