Nomination for the German Sustainability Award



PAPUREX is nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2024

The connectedness with the Odenwald region and its preservation has been deeply rooted in the PAPUREX DNA since the company’s foundation. The minimization of environmental influences and the best possible treatment of people and resources in the region has been of high priority long before sustainability became a buzzword.

The expert jury of the German Sustainability Award now confirms that PAPUREX is among the pioneers in this field with the nomination in the category rubber and plastics industry for 2024.

The German Sustainability Award

The German Sustainability Award has been presented since 2008 by the German Sustainability Award Foundation. It awards exemplary performances in the field of sustainability in economics, research, and communes. With over 800 applicants, it is the biggest award of this sort in Europe.

Among the numerous applicants, the nominees get selected by an expert jury. During the process, superlatives like “the most sustainable company” or “the most efficient process” are not the object. Instead, the jury that has expertise and context knowledge, chooses the nominees under the aspect which companies act as pioneers in certain areas und in the firm context. One of these nominees for the German Sustainability Award is PAPUREX.

Sustainability at PAPUREX

We are proud, that the work we put in the improvement of our sustainability is valued. First and foremost our General Manager Rudolf Biebl declared the topic as a matter of heart and propelled it forward despite difficult external circumstances.

Despite exclusively obtaining energy from renewable sources since 2003, the capacities for the own solar energy production via photovoltaic have been significantly expanded. Furthermore, the steady conversion of the company fleet towards electric power trains continued. The treatment of production waste and freshwater consumption has become more efficient as well. You can find more detailed information on the topic of sustainability at PAPUREX in our environmental declaration.

The nomination for the German Sustainability Award is a beautiful sign that our work is seen and an additional motivation to keep improving.