Occupational safety on top level


PAPUREX successfully implements occupational safety

PAPUREX is among the best companies in occupational safety

of the reference group for businesses in the plastics and rubber industry.

The professional association for raw materials and chemical industry (BGRCI) categorizes all its members according to their business purpose in so-called hazard tariff points. The companies can’t influence this process. Levels are formed in between these hazard tariff points to subdivide their companies according to their probability of danger

There are eleven of these levels in the hazard tariff point of PAPUREX, of which one is the best and eleven is the worst. The BGRCI recently published the results for 2021: PAPUREX made it into level one!

In total, 7521 companies got categorized in the same hazard tariff point as PAPUREX. Based on the incidents in 2021, only 2088 of them reached the safest level. Thus, the occupational safety at PAPUREX is better than that of 73 % of companies in the comparison group. There is no further ranking within level 1. Hence, a comparison with the top 27 % of businesses to which PAPUREX belongs is impossible.

The safety of our employees is rooted deeply in the self-image of PAPUREX. Therefore, the good categorization through the BGRCI is not a surprise. Nevertheless, the result shows that the effort in our company led by our representative for occupational safety Ivo Biebl, bears fruits.

Many thanks to all colleagues for their compliance with the occupational safety concept!