Annual review 2021


Not all consequences of the pandemic are negative

The year 2021 began for PAPUREX, as for many others, as 2020 ended. The pandemic still had a great impact on world affairs. But not everything that this fact brings is negative. For example, the infrastructure has been improved, so that home office work to a greater extent is possible now. The communication went smoothly. No disadvantages were noticeable due to many colleagues working from home.

The order situation picked up

2021 began as 2020 ended from another perspective as well: After a meager order situation over the year 2020, it picked up towards the end of the year. That was noticeable over the whole course of 2021. Countless overtime of our production colleagues has been necessary to satisfy the immense demand.

Progress in terms of environmental protection

In terms of environmental protection, progress was made as well. The restructuring of the PAPUREX company fleet towards electric drives continued. Furthermore, the new photovoltaic system on top of the production building was put into operation. Its purpose is first of all to supply the energy needed to charge the electric vehicles of the company. Hence, the maximum environmental advantage of electric drives comes into play. Thus, PAPUREX is on track to realize the ambitious goal of being CO2-neutral until 2025.

Different public appearance

Moreover, the public appearance of PAPUREX changed quite drastically. The homepage “” has been relaunched and is now technically and design-wise up to date. In the same course, the proven slogan “every inch a quality product” has been replaced by the more international variant “Individual Tubing Solutions.” The latter emphasizes the USP of PAPUREX even better. Additionally, we are represented on the social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn since last year.

The procurement situation was difficult

On the other hand, the year stood under the influence of a difficult material procurement situation. The incident around the skyrocketing demand, the ship accident in the Suez Canal, and the pandemic led to massive problems for many production companies to procure their raw material. PAPUREX is no exception to this. But due to tremendous efforts, there have been no delivery failures so far. Sadly, the problem will continue to influence many industries in 2022.

A year full of anniversaries

Quite incidentally, 2021 was a year of special anniversaries to PAPUREX. The company itself celebrated 40 years of existence. Our colleagues Mirko Kimmel and Willi Kusaj, who co-created the company for more than 30 years, have to be highlighted as well. Our managing director Rudolf Biebl even celebrated his 35th anniversary.The year ended with a Christmas party. That is noteworthy because the festivities were cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 regulations. The joy, that we were allowed to finish the year together in compliance with the 2G+ rule was even greater.

2021 – a successful year

All in all, we can draw a very positive balance for the quite eventful year 2021. Economically, PAPUREX finishes the year with a record turnover, and in the fields of environmental protection and digitalization, the path is set for the future. Many challenges had to be overcome, but in the end, PAPUREX can draw a positive annual review for 2021.