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Papurex Logo - Qualität am laufenden Meter


New Slogan as a symbol of development


What is a slogan at all? “A central advertising statement, which is supposed to increase the memory effect through conciseness and acceptance” – at least if you ask the German business lexicon Gabler. Howsoever, the Oxford Dictionary of English defines it as a “short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.” After this short theory lesson, a slogan should definitely be short and memorable. Although, this alone does not make it successful. The connection to the company has to get created as well.

Development of the Logo at PAPUREX

At the beginning of the company history, the logo consisted of the complete company name PAPUREX W. Büchner GmbH, which is due to the founder’s name Werner Büchner. Over time, the corporate Design of the company evolved. This led to an adaption in terms of the font as well. Moreover, around the turn of the millennium, the PAPUREX “P” came into play. It symbolizes precision in manufacturing by mimicking the three optic measuring devices, which face the tubing in the middle. In 2008, the logo got complemented by the slogan “Qualität am laufenden Meter” for the first time. It demonstrates, what is true until now: Quality is the highest priority at PAPUREX.

The slogan in English now – not only to be cool

Over time, the business of PAPUREX got more and more international. Customers from more than 45 countries worldwide believe in polyurethane tubing from the Odenwald. Meanwhile, the export contributes more than two-thirds to the turnover of PAPUREX. Because of that, it was decided to make the slogan more international as well. There has been a translation before, but this time, the original had to be understood worldwide. As mentioned above, the slogan should not be an empty phrase, but describe the company as brief and concise as possible instead. “Individual Tubing Solutions” emphasizes the freedom in customization for our clients. It is essential, that the tubing can be individually adjusted to their needs to solve problems. Individual Tubing Solutions.

Special Process during the creation of the new slogan.

During the creation process, new paths were taken. Instead of a conventional top-down decision, the people who work with PAPUREX products day in and day out got asked: Our staff. Over an online survey, suggestions were collected at first. These have been filtered in several decision rounds afterward. The participation rate among the staff was very high, which made the decision even more difficult. Now, the new slogan alongside the logo has to get filled with equally good memories as the predecessor.

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