PAPUREX equivalent to Polyamide (PA12w) tubes


Due to the increased demand and at the same time the shortage of PA-tubing company Papurex W. Büchner GmbH developed a brand new tube which has roughly the qualities of a Polyamide (PA) tube.

This new product reconciles advantages of PA 12 w with the excellent qualities of polyurethane:

  • Cross-breaking resistance like PUR
  • High pressure resistance at a low wall thickness (= high flow rate)
  • Smaller bending radius opposite Polyamide PA12w
  • Very good UV resistance
  • Extremely good resistance against microbes
  • Extremely good hydrolysis resistance
  • Resistant to a lot of oils, greases & aqueous solutions
  • Considerably higher flexibility opposite PA12w with

Comparable physical qualities

  • Pricing structure considerably more favorable than PA11/PA12 products

Pressure and temperature behaviour (according to DIN 73378 / 74324):

  • +20°C 19bar (100%)
  • +50°C 12bar (64%)
  • Temperature range from -25 to +50° °C
  • high bursting pressures of up to 55 bar

The resonance tells its own tale – and not only within Germany. Customers worldwide

show strong interest at an equivalent product to polyamide tubes (PA12w).

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