AgrarPur® for agriculture


AgrarPur® is a very strong, resistant and pressure stable tube with very high durability. This tubing is the optimum for working pressure up to 16 bar – suitable for agriculture technology.

Laboratory and field tests prove it:


… stands for extremely high burst pressures of more than 40 bar
… stands for extremely good temperature behavior up to 80°C
… PURe Quality

This all paired with the excellent characteristics of polyurethane:

  • high cross-breaking resistance
  • high abrasion resistance
  • high elongation at break
  • very good UV resistance
  • high flexibility combined with optimum resilience

Two years on field experience showed it – now it’s your turn…

Look and see! … AgrarPur® is quality at its best as you only know it from PAPUREX

Polyurethanschlauch für die Landwirtschaft