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25 years - seniority

Special honor at PAPUREX W. Büchner GmbH on 12.07.2012: the long-standing employee Mr. Lars Markert can look back at 25 years seniority. In 1987 Lars Markert was employed as a machine operator, and after a while of further qualification he is working more than 15 years as the production manager of the company. Management and the complete staff congratulated the jubilarian at a small ceremony.  

The CEO thanked him for the long-standing faithfulness and submitted a present.Mr. Markert is a dedicated and very reliable employee, and he co-formed the development of the company due to his superior engagement”, emphasized Rudolf Biebl in a small ceremony.He values his technical piece of advice very much and he hopesfor further, successful cooperation within the next years.

Our picture points from the left: Andreas Geyer (commercial manager), Werner Büchner
(founder of the company, Christiane Klee (Sales), Jubilarian  Lars Markert (Production manager),
Gabi Neitzel (shipping dept.) and CEO Rudolf Biebl.


Christiane Klee