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28.02.2014 - Safety first

For PAPUREX W. Buechner GmbH safety at work is a matter of top priority. Consequently, our managing director, Mr. Rudolf Biebl, feels personally responsible for the safety of all PAPUREX employees and workplaces.

To support him, the “PAPUREX safety team” was enlarged in November 2013 by Mr. Cem Oende who has been trained as an official safety officer last month. This enables him even better, to watch over working conditions and ensure safety and health throughout all working processes and situations. For this job he is well prepared, not only by the training as a safety officer, but by his apprenticeship as Electrician as well. Last but not least his actual profession as machine operator provides him intimate knowledge of the plant and the working situations, and of the possible sources of danger.

So, Cem Oende takes care, that the legal safety regulations are pursued and in addition he serves his colleagues as contact person in safety questions and as role model for exemplified safety at work.


Christiane Klee