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17.07.2014 A new member of PAPUREX brand familiy

Finally! Our V:S:S® has been registered as a new brand. This large size tubing combines the typical flexibility of PU with a remarkable large diameter of up to 28 mm, allowing an operating pressure of 16 bar.

This polyurethane tubing, the world’s only at this size that fits to plug-in-connectors, especially suits as supply pipeline for higher volumes of air and water so it provides an attractive alternative for metal or plastic pipelines. Those cannot be installed in such a flexible way, but have to be welded piece by piece. However, V:S:S®, which is already delivered up to 50-meter length (greater lengths on request), can be quick and easy sticked together with connectors and - if necessary - be disconnected again. Thus V:S:S® spares not only the clients budget, but the environment, too. Welded metal and plastic pipes must be scrapped.

So far, V:S:S® is primarily used for air and water supply of large industry buildings, but it may play its qualities in other surroundings, too, i. e. in agriculture.


Christiane Klee