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11.03.2015 - Product comparision Polyamide or Polyurethane

Plastic tubing for industrial use is mainly manufactured out of Polyamide or Polyurethane. Both are polymers, i.e. chemical materials composed of a chain of organic units. But both polymers differ significantly in regard to some essential qualities.

Compared with Polyamide, Polyurethane tubing is very flexible, allowing narrow bending radius; i.e. PU tubing does not break off easily and if so, the tubing recovers much better than a PA tubing.

Polyurethane tubing does not contain plasticizer (softener) and therefore offers a higher lifespan. Generally, high quality Polyurethane does much better resist against mechanical charges.

In its early years, PAPUREX W. Buechner GmbH did manufacture both materials, but specialized then on high quality Polyurethane, due to the advantages mentioned above. Along with this specialisation, the focus on this material allowed PAPUREX over years improvements of quality, further development and real innovations. As PAPUREX is capable of calibrating the outer and the inner diameter as well, the quick couplings may fit inside or outside the tubing, whatever the clients requirements are.


Christiane Klee