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A “Little Odenwälder” conquers the world

PAPUREX W. Büchner GmbH is based in the Odenwald (Oden Forest) in Germany – and the company has been the worldwide quality leader for the production of thermoplastic polyurethane tubing for more than 30 years now. So why is it that hardly anyone in the vicinity knows of PAPUREX and its products? And how did a small company from the Odenwald succeed in becoming market leader and hold that position for so long?

On the 11th of July 2015, the local Odenwald paper, the Odenwälder Zeitung (OZ), printed a special edition called “The region is our world – living and working on the Bergstraße and in the Odenwald” and we have answered these two questions and more in that article! If you haven’t seen the OZ, and you’d like to know more, no problem! Especially for you, we’re putting the 7-part story on our homepage... and here is the first of the 7!

Part 1 of 7

Pneumatics – Robots – Automation

You can’t buy PAPUREX tubing at the DIY store and it’s not produced for hobby workers or home gardens. The tubing is designed for industrial use and used mainly for pneumatic applications. “Pneumatics” refers to the use of air (usually compressed air) for performing mechanical tasks. Pneumatically-controlled machines either perform their mechanical work more inexpensively than humans or they tackle jobs in locations where it would be too dangerous for humans to work (e.g. the welding of vehicle bodies) or where a person simply could not work because of cramped conditions (e.g. in the renovation of piping).


Christiane Klee