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A Little "Odenwälder" conquers the world - Part 2

Part 2/ 7 of our article in the special edition “The region is our world – living and working on the Bergstraße and in the Odenwald” of the Odenwälder Zeitung (OZ):

Advances in economic production – one of the industrial foundations on which the prosperity of industrialised nations like Germany is based – would be totally unthinkable without automation, and, in turn, automation would not be possible without the pneumatic functions in machines. These functions can involve very delicate activities, like the careful packaging of eggs, for example, where a vacuum is used. Extremely great forces and power can also be involved, e.g. for lifting heavy glass and metal plates or holding entire vehicle bodies rock-steady.

These functions have to work smoothly and above all reliably for small items like eggs and large items like truck bodies, and this means that very high demands are placed on the components used for these tasks. Depending on the design and the environmental temperature, PAPUREX W. Büchner GmbH tubing can withstand pressures of up to 45 bar and the company guarantees absolutely minimal fluctuations in the tubing dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, tubing wall thickness). These “tolerances” are within ranges of only a few hundredths of millimetres, whether it’s thousands of short pieces of tubing that are involved, or one single hose measuring more than 1 km in length. Here is a comparison for you – a high-quality garden hose may have a dimensional deviation which is 10 to 20 times greater than that of pneumatic tubing.

To be continued…


Christiane Klee