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A Little "Odenwälder" conquers the world - Part 3

Part 3/ 7 of our article in the special edition “The region is our world – living and working on the Bergstraße and in the Odenwald” of the Odenwälder Zeitung (OZ):

Special products for special requirements

The demands placed on industrial tubing are extremely intensive and the same applies to their manufacture. Time and time again in the past, the PAPUREX team members have been confronted with new requirements from customers – and the team has always found the perfect solutions, which often involved innovations and even patentable inventions.

One of today’s obvious requirements for industrial tubing is space-saving and efficient installation within the machine. Here “efficient” means fast installation, with the least possible mechanical and manual effort. Nowadays, “connectors” are standard. A tube is simply inserted into the connector, it snaps into place and that’s it – no need for extra safety precautions or sealing. PAPUREX manufactures tubing that is customised for many connecting elements: the connector can be plugged into the tube, for example, or can enclose it completely.

To be continued…


Christiane Klee