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A Little "Odenwälder" conquers the world - Part 5

Part 5/ 7 of our article in the special edition “The region is our world – living and working on the Bergstraße and in the Odenwald” of the Odenwälder Zeitung (OZ):

If the customer wishes, great lengths of tubing can be wound on to reels – 1,200 metres is our current record holder. However, our customers also want tubing sections from 10 mm in length, dust-protected in polyethylene (PE) bags and labelled or packed loose in cartons. Thanks to the strict hygienic conditions in the PAPUREX plant, it’s not difficult to deliver the tubing free of grease, oil or other contaminants. To meet the demand for tubing that is guaranteed to be dust-free, the short tube sections are closed at both ends with caps and individually sealed in a PE bag. The packaging is only removed shortly before installation at the customer’s site. Our dust-free tubing sections ensure that some customers enjoy trouble-free operation of micro-valves and others have a particle-free air supply in aerospace engineering.


Christiane Klee