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A Little "Odenwälder" conquers the world - Part 4

Part 4/ 7 of our article in the special edition “The region is our world – living and working on the Bergstraße and in the Odenwald” of the Odenwälder Zeitung (OZ):

Polyurethane + Extrusion = PAPUREX

Many years ago, PAPUREX started specialising in the manufacture of tubes made of polyurethane (PUR), because this material optimally meets the specific requirements for flexibility and strength. High-quality PUR granulate is heated to around 200°C, melted and compressed. This process takes place in the “Extruder” and is more or less the first step in tubing manufacture. The three-zone screw in the extruder presses the liquefied granulate through the cylinder in the extrusion head. The tool that forms the tubing into the required dimensions is located here. PAPUREX developed a tool for each tubing size and has these tools manufactured according to the company’s own specifications. The newly-formed tube is now drawn through a water bath, where it cools down, enabling it to be tailored to each customer’s requirements, i.e. cut or wound in spiral form.




Christiane Klee