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02.08.2016 – PAPUREX committed to youth

A few years ago The Boston Consulting Group and the Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung of BMW have launched a project against youth unemployment: the JOBLINGE gemeinnuetzige AG.

The mission of JOBLINGE is to bring those teenagers, who lost track after graduating from school, to an apprenticeship or a job. Obviously this initiative needs the support of partners.

On the one hand these partners are mentors, who on voluntary basis support the young people in writing applications, finding apprenticeships or similar tasks. On the other hand the partners needed are companies offering traineeships, apprenticeships or just insights in the daily life of a company.

In 2015 JOBLINGE Darmstadt was founded and started looking out for potential partners. Deeply impressed by this worthy idea, PAPUREX immediately volunteered to support the social project. The picture shows a group of JOBLINGE from Bensheim, visiting PAPUREX to get to know the company and the process of extruding tubing.


Christiane Klee