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11.10.2016 - Jubilees


On December 9th 1981 PAPUREX W. Buechner GmbH has been founded. Who would have thought, that this small plastic specialist would beat up the market for pneumatic tubing, become market leader in terms of quality and innovation and produce and outsource the most successful SPIR STAR. Now, in a few weeks, PAPUREX celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Today, there’s already a remarkable jubilee: 30 years ago, on October 1st 1986, Rudolf Biebl joined PAPUREX as a machinist. The young lad worked his way up the ranks, becoming shift leader, production manager, and finally, in 2001, was taking over the responsibility as managing director.

And he did well! PAPUREX experienced many successful years since and developed in a remarkable way. Nowadays PAPUREX is a major player in the market of pneumatic tubing and a robust business partner and employer in the region.

Many thanks and congratulations to the managing director Rudolf Biebl!


Christiane Klee