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PAPUREX expands its scope of education

Three years ago PAPUREX started the project “apprentice” and chose Dominik Joest as the first Industrial Business trainee. With some pride we record today, that this has been the right decision, for Dominik turned out to be a valuable member of our team and he graduated with his traineeship with award!

We congratulate Dominik for this smashing success, that for some part we claim for ourselves, too. Not at least it’s the colleagues that share their experience with the young people and guide them through the practical parts of the traineeship.

And we appreciate the vote of confidence, that he is willing to continue his further studies with us. Dominik is going to study economics at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Mannheim and has chosen PAPUREX as the business partner for the practical parts.

We are looking forward to take this challenge mutually, as well as to the new traineeship, starting on September 1st. For that we were lucky to win Oguzhan Türel, who already has proofed his competence and his motivation to us.

Good luck for both and be sure that we are prepared to support you.


Christiane Klee