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PURon polyether basis

We were one of the first companies in the sector to develop a product line of polyurethane tubing on a polyether basis to the point of market readiness. This material type is characterised by its resistance to microbial contamination and outstanding hydrolysis resistance, and is therefore preferably used for fluid media or outdoor applications.

In addition to the properties typical of polyurethane, this tubing type has the following additional characteristics:

  • hydrolysis-resistant: suitable for applications in or with water
  • resistant against microbes, and therefore ideally suitable for outdoor applications
  • complies with the hygiene requirements for foodstuffs machinery to DIN EN 1672-2 for the injection area 
  • suitable for use with foodstuffs to 2002/72/EG 
  • FDA-compliant to Title 21 CFR 177.2600 
  • good resistance against many chemical contact materials
  • can be used as a water pipe (manufacturer’s declaration can be requested) 
  • ideally suitable for use in energy/drag chains
  • suitable for cable bundles, particularly in combination with flame-protected cables

Further information and standard dimensions can be found in our product flyer in the internal customer area.

Gabi Neitzel

Dispatch/ Purchasing