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The firm of PAPUREX W. Büchner offers a wide product range, which can be combined flexibly:
It is not just the outstanding product quality which makes PAPUREX your expert contact partner when it comes to polyurethane tubing – Our strengths include a great degree of flexibility and speed in the production and processing of orders.

For example …

  • … irrespective of the basic polyurethane material required, we can produce all required dimensions between 1.8mm internal diameter and 22mm external diameter.
  • … a wide range of ring lengths is possible, from 5 to 1,000m and above. The tubing can also be wound onto reels if required.
  • … tubing with different external diameters and of different polyurethanes can be combined to form multiple tubing. For example, we can if required weld together a tubing of polyurethane on a polyester basis with an external diameter of 4mm and a tubing of polyurethane on a polyether basis with an external diameter of 12mm to produce a duo-tubing.
  • multiple tubing can be produced to customer specifications. Whether duo, trio, 6-way or more, this is all possible.
  • … we produce tubing sections accurate to the millimetre in a wide range of lengths from approx. 10 mm
  • … the products can be individually printed to customer specifications.

Polyurethane tubing – just the way you need it…

In case of special requirements, our specialists will be glad to work out individual solutions with you.

Mark Smieja

Sales Director